Intellectual payment systems

BYTEWERK is pleased to offer you its line of products for payment, sales and promotion processes automation using wide range of instruments, including self-service kiosks, mobile apps and web services. More than 10 years experience in this field makes BYTEWERK the leading player in the payment software business.


Our software suite offers you complete set of automated service channels for your clients.

Fast deployment

We are ready to launch fully functional payment channel in 10 days.

Good looking interfaces

We are ready to offer you white-lable solutions to make the interfaces look according to your brand-book.


Fraud-monitoring algorythms are implemented through all levels of business logic, from interface to payment processing engine.


Our solution offer full range of various reports, extensive monitoring capabilities and full remote control.


The software include such features as clusterization, fail-over and online backups. All operations are logged into special logging facilities.

About us

Our company have vast international experience in development and implementation of advanced self-service systems in payment processing, retail, remote banking, electronic commerce and vending areas.

BYTEWERK has numerous completed projects in EMEA and Americas. We use the best available practices, delivering the best quality products to our clients.

Our knowledge and experience in following, using and complying to international standarts and technologies, such as PCI DSS, EMV, ISO 8583 and XFS allows us to offer our clients innovative and advanced payment solutions.

Service contracts

Service contracts are available for all our products. We also offer cusomized SLAs.

Lifetime upgrades

We offer lifetime warrranty for our porducts, as well as lifetime critical updates.

Customized development

We always keep developing, even if you have some spefic custom requirement. Our production team or our partners are available at your request.



emWERK BankTech

This product is targeted to banking industry and allows the banks to utilize all currently available customer interaction channels: starting from regular websites and ending with sophisticated self-service kiosks and ATMs.

emWERK BankTech has been created in tight cooperation with Payment Card Industry Council Standarts and Requirements. All modern payment technologies are supprted: magnetic cards, EMV, NFC (Custom Payment Application Cards), Paypass/Paywave, any closed-loop solutions.

Our Wallet allows your clients to pay for goods and services easily using all supported service channels: web, mobile, ATM, etc. The Wallet can be integrated even into very complicated environments.

Large amount of supported equipment and devices allows you to implement limitless usage scenarios, including vending, banking and transport cards top-up operations and so on. Adaptive interface is very easy to customize. Compliance with your brand book can be achieved in all service channels. Payment processing allows you to integrate with payment recipients systems and bring payment capabilities to many bank's services, including online and offline operated.

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emWERK Retail


Retail companies can benefit from BYTEWERK's software suit by installing automatic payment acceptance systems, either for goods or services. Automatic cashiers, payment kiosks and vending machines can be integrated with warehouse software using special module. In addition, we offer Advertisement management system that allows full remote control of displayed advertisement on all devices: kiosks, media panels and so on.

emWERK Retail also includes payment processign system to achive full control over payment transactions and makes use of POS terminals, mobile POS terminals, vending machines, automatic cashiers, electronic catalogues.

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emWERK Ads


emWERK Ads is offered in form of cloud service. Our client just needs to install our software on additional screen for payment kiosk, media panel or any other digital signage device running Windows Embedded. Our cloud storage is used for content distribution and playlist control. It is possible to control media playback timeframes, its length and many other parameters.

With emWERK Ads you can control your advertisement content easily without any additional tools. You can also transfer the advertisement content to any amount of media panels, regardless of its location, anytime. emWERK Ads architecture is easily scalable to any project size.

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emWERK Petrol


Developed by BYTEWERK software and hardware suite emWERK Petrol is unified platform and consists of payment kiosks, payment processing, status monitoring, and integration interface to gas station control systems. The system can accept fuel and bonus cards with any interaction with bank, thus it is fully self-contained. In case of payments using credit cards the emWERK Petrol can be easily integrated with bank of choice using our special credit cards payment gateways. The system is suitable for any size of petrol business - from standalone gas stations to large gas station network operators.

With emWERK Petrol suite you can accept all types of payment channels: cash, credit cards, fuel cards, bonus cards, even using tokens or cardless bonus accounts. You can accept payments by using either payment kiosk or portable terminal. Thanks to portable terminal your customer may never leave his car to make a payment. Our system makes your bonus programs very attractive for your clients, motivating the client to use your bonus programs more often.

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emWERK Platform


Designed for software developers, integrators and internal IT services, emWERK Platform is a set of .NET/Javascript libraries with easy to master the API, which can easily develop their own solutions. This platform allows developers as soon as possible to get support for a wide list of hardware: thermal printers, bill acceptors, card readers, encrypted pin-pads, card dispensers, barcode/QR-code readers, NFC readers and much more.

Projects conducted on emWERK Platform save an average of 70% of the budget due to a decrease in development time, and due to significantly lower the required expertise for the development of self-service devices. Solutions, developed on this platform, includes simple projects for support of media panels, integrated into a single network, and also includes solutions for self-services devices (kiosks and ATMs) from well-known manufacturers such as NCR, and Diebold-Nixdorf.

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